Roof Coating

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Were You Aware?

Roof coating serves the primary purpose of shielding the roof from the sun’s effects. It is not designed to prevent water from entering your home or to rectify an existing leak.

While roof coatings play a vital role in prolonging the life of your roof and averting premature leaks, it’s important to note that the primary responsibility for keeping your home dry lies with the roof and its flashings.

This is precisely why a high-quality roof coating project places significant emphasis on thorough preparation before applying any coating. Below are some essential preparatory steps we undertake prior to coating application:

  1. Re-sealing penetrations.
  2. Repairing flashings.
  3. Identifying and addressing any cracks or openings in the roofing material.
  4. Meticulously cleaning the roof surface.

While this preparatory work may add to the overall project cost, it makes all the difference between a roofing project that guarantees leak prevention and one that falls short.

How Frequently Should Roofs Be Re-Coated?

As a general rule, built-up roofs typically require regular maintenance and re-coating every 5-7 years. In cases where ponding areas are present, more frequent re-coating may be necessary.

It’s advisable to inspect built-up roofs at least once a year to identify potential issues in their early stages.

At Little Elm Pro Roofing we advocate for a proactive approach to roof maintenance, aiming to address potential problems before they escalate into leaks.

Little Elm Roofing Contractors TPO repair