Roof Drainage

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t’s a common issue for those with flat roofs to experience inadequate drainage, which can lead to problems over time. Eventually, the accumulation of ponding water can cause the deterioration of the roof coating and the underlying roofing materials, ultimately resulting in the premature failure of the entire roof system.

What Causes Inadequate Roof Drainage?

Roof drainage issues may arise due to building settlement, structural alterations, or construction defects. In many cases, roof drains are positioned too high on the wall, exacerbating the problem.

Roof Level Elevation:

Adding insulation to specific areas of the roof is a common solution. This elevation of the roof level redirects water toward the existing drains, promoting better drainage.

Drain Lowering:

Alternatively, we may lower the position of the drains within the wall or make adjustments such as recessing them in the deck or tapering them. These modifications improve drainage and reduce ponding.

Drain Enlargement:

In some cases, we can simply enlarge the existing roof drains. This expansion allows for increased water flow capacity and prevents the accumulation of tree debris on the roof.

Additional Drain Installation:

When ponding water is situated far from existing drains or when roof conditions are not conducive to other methods, we may recommend installing a supplementary deck drain. This drain effectively manages ponding water that cannot naturally flow toward existing drains.

Combined Approaches:

In some instances, a combination of these methods may offer the most effective results for addressing ponding water concerns.

Little Elm Pro Roofing Contractors - Little Elm TX
Little Elm Pro Roofing Contractors - Little Elm TX
Little Elm Pro Roofing Contractors - Little Elm TX
Little Elm Pro Roofing Contractors - Little Elm TX

Our experienced Roofsavers Locke Roofing inspector will assess your specific situation and recommend the best, cost-effective solution for your ponding water issues. We are committed to ensuring the longevity and performance of your roof.