Roof Leaks

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Were You Aware?

A broken roof tile or tiles can exacerbate a leak in your roof but are not the root cause of the leak itself.

Replacing a broken roof tile as a means of repairing a leak is neither a permanent nor dependable solution.

What Triggers Leaks in Tile Roofs?

In instances where a tile roof experiences leaks, the underlying issue typically stems from a failure in the underlayment or flashings positioned beneath the tiles.

How We Address Tile Roof Leaks

To rectify leaks in tile roofs, the first step is to remove the roof tiles to access the underlying issue.

The majority of the repair cost for a tile roof is attributed to the removal and replacement of the tiles. The primary challenge lies in conducting this process seamlessly, ensuring it remains undetectable while effectively resolving the leak problem.

This is where Little Elm Pro Roofing excels. Our skilled tile roof repair technicians are dedicated to leaving your tile roof in a condition that matches or even surpasses its original appearance, all while ensuring that leaks are a thing of the past.